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Hear their Voices.  Recognizing the future of leadership.

With the political season in full swing, thoughts turn to leadership and the future for our generation and those to come.  What is being done to cultivate the next generation of leaders?  How will we prepare them to take their place on the geopolitical stage as a positive force?

At the Alice Paul Institute, we are doing our part.  The leadership programs that you support teach girls that we all have a responsibility to fulfill our civic duty and, in the spirit of Alice Paul, affect positive change.

The members of the API Girls Advisory Council are a shining example of future leadership.  Their experience through the GAC program immerses them in opportunities to advocate for global education equality, lobby for equal rights for women including equal pay for equal work. GAC teaches that there are no boundaries for women; women can be and do anything they can imagine.  Girls see their potential through female mentorship where they establish meaningful and transformative relationships with women who represent their own possibility and promise.

Let’s meet some of the girls.  Let’s hear their voices.

IMG_0822“My name is Natalie and I’m a junior at Lenape High School. I run track and work as a waitress in my spare time. I would like to become a lawyer after I graduate high school and college. GAC has been an amazing experience for me because it has given me so many amazing opportunities that are fun and life changing. It has helped me to be a more confident version of myself and has allowed me to feel more comfortable standing up for the things that I believe in. Alice Paul is an amazing influence on my life and she empowers me to try and make a change in my world. She was an amazing activist who was a strong woman who always stood up for her beliefs, and I strive to live my life similarly to the way that she did.”


 Meredith Baubles“Hi, my name is Meredith. As a first-year member of Girls Advisory Council I have learned about and come to appreciate the contributions of Alice Paul not only to women’s suffrage but also to women’s equality during her lifetime and beyond. GAC has also been a forum for me and like-minded peers to share ideas and learn about local, national, and global challenges to women’s equality. In the picture you see a 3D-printed pin that I created using skills learned in my Introduction to Computer Aided Design and Drafting class at my high school’s Academy of Engineering. Making the pin was a challenge presented by the U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith when I met her at API’s celebration of Women’s Equality Day. The pin symbolizes and commemorates the jailing of women suffragists.”


Martina Tan My name is Martina and I am a senior at Lenape High School. I love the arts in all forms: drawing and painting, going to concerts and art museums, doing stage crew for the school’s theater department, and more. For me, GAC has been an involving experience that has allowed me to discuss the issues I care about in an empowering environment. I may have once been shy to speak my mind on these issues, but GAC has helped me work out my worldview with other girls who are also still solidifying their perspectives. Alice Paul is one of the too-few acclaimed woman activists that I have learned about in my general education and activities. She is a truly inspirational person because of her lifelong perseverance in seizing every opportunity for equal rights. The fact that her activism has fostered a local group of girls willing to discuss issues and carry on her vision shows me that people can create change in ripples that can start at a small town and affect nations at a time. If I ever felt insignificant or incapable before, I now understand that for decades already, someone has successfully fought for my same beliefs, exactly where I live today.”

Knowing that girls like Natalie, Meredith and Martina will be our future leaders gives me  confidence that our future will be led by  visionaries who will work, as Alice Paul did, to affect positive change.  It makes me feel optimistic, and I hope it does you too.

Thank you for your past support and interest in taking time to hear what these amazing girls have to say. I ask you to please support girls like Natalie, Meredith and Martina by supporting the Alice Paul Institute’s leadership programs.  Please send your gift of personal significance today.

With gratitude,

Lucienne Beard
Executive Director

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