Conversations with Alice Paul

  • This oral history interview with Alice Paul, conducted by Amelia R. Fry from 1972 to 1973, is provided for researchers in its entirety.  The audio files are provided on the Alice Paul Institute’s website. A transcript is located at the Oral History Center of the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. It is helpful to use these resources together.

    This is the complete interview even though the folder numbers are not continuous . The part numbers correspond to the original folder numbers for your reference.

    The original transcript of this interview plus further information can be found here.

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This interview was conducted by Amelia Roberts Fry. The audio files are made available here with permission from the Oral History Center of the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. Requests to quote from or otherwise use this interview should be directed to The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.


Parts 1-10

Folder 1

Family & Education

Folder 2

College and Living Abroad

Track 1: Friends and Activities at Swarthmore (cont.)


Folder 3 (coming soon)

Folder 4 (coming soon)

Folder 5 (coming soon)

Folder 6

An Organization Emerges

  • Track 1: No Audio

Track 2: The changing relations with the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)

  • Track 3: Congress Faces Two Amendments, March 1914


Folder 7

1914-The Formative Year

  • Track 1: Policy of Holding Party in Power Responsible

  • Track 2: Opposition

  • Track 3: Opposition (cont.)


Folder 8

1916: The National Woman’s Party is Formed

  • Track 1: History of the National Woman’s Party

  • Track 2: History of the National Woman’s Party (cont.)

  • Track 3: 1915- A Year of Field Work

  • Track 4: Working for the Endorsement from the Democrats, Republicans, and Progressives


Folder 9

Theodore Roosevelt

  • Track 1: Theodore Roosevelt

  • Track 2: The Campaign, 1916

  • Track 3: 1917: The Final Phase Begins

  • Track 4: The Death and Memorial of Inez Milholland


Folder 10

Details and Descriptions of the National Woman’s Party and its Operations

  • Track 1: Working on The Suffragist

  • Track 2: Classes of NWP Members

  • Track 3: No Audio

Parts 11-20

Folder 11

Continuing Relations with NAWSA

  • Track 2: The Retracted Invitation to the International Suffrage Alliance

  • Track 3: No Audio


Folder 12

Moment of Decision on Militancy

  • Track 1: Moment of Decision

  • Track 2: The First Arrests

  • Track 3: The Presidential Pardon

  • Track 4: Other Consequences

  • Track 5: Alice in Prison, Women in Mental Hospitals


Folder 13

The Campaign Goes On

  • Track 2: Catt Backs the Federal Amendment, Sept 1917

  • Tack 3: President Wilson Comes Around


Folder 14

What’s Next?

  • Track 1: Alternatives

  • Track 2: Debts and Transition

  • Track 3: Equal Rights Amendment at Seneca Falls, 1923

  • Track 4: The Biggest Obstacles


Folder 15


Folder 16


Folder 18

Folder 19


Folder 20

Parts 21-30

Folder 21


Folder 22


Folder 23


Folder 24


Folder 25


Folder 26


Folder 27


Folder 28


Folder 29


Folder 30

Parts 31-39

Folder 31


Folder 32


Folder 33


Folder 34


Folder 35


Folder 36


Folder 37


Folder 38


Folder 39


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