Director’s Response to the 2017 Election


Yesterday was an inspiring day at the Alice Paul Institute.  Many people stopped by Paulsdale, visited Alice Paul’s grave in nearby Cinnaminson, or chatted with staff members outside a nearby polling place.  It was a spirit of celebration, not only because a woman was finally on the ballot but also because so many have come to appreciate the awesome privilege that is voting.  A long and contentious election campaign is over and Americans woke up this morning to a new President, one they may or may not have voted for.

At the Alice Paul Institute we are proud to have played a part in registering new voters and encouraging our Girls Advisory Council members and other young women to get involved in the democratic process. Our work for gender equality goes on and, just as Alice Paul would, we will redouble our efforts. Some of the campaign rhetoric made it very clear how far we have to go. We will encourage young women to #LeadLikeAGirl, will be a loud voice for gender equality and we will continue to advocate for an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Alice Paul, we are here!

Lucy Beard,
Executive Director

(in photo Lucy Beard (left) and Rowan University intern Chelsea Hawthorn)