The #Lead Like A Girl campaign invites everyone to share their stories of “Girl Power” via social media while raising funds to support girls leadership training programs at the Alice Paul Institute. The campaign aims to inspire the next generation of female leaders and philanthropists. We invite everyone to share stories from their personal lives that highlight times when they witnessed the leadership of girls. We also hope young women will share their own stories of when they chose to be a leader.

We encourage donations of $5, $10, $25, or $50 (or more!).

Be a part of the movement. Share your story today!

Donation Amounts:

  • $5: No story needed! Donate $5 and tag 5 friends!
  • $10: In 2020, Alice Paul will be added to the back of the $10 bill to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Who do you know who #LeadsLikeAGirl and is worthy of being on the $10 bill with Alice?
  • $25: Teachers and mentors play a huge role in our young and adult lives. Donate $25 and share a story about a teacher or mentor who #LeadsLikeAGirl or taught you how to.
  • $50: Leading is an action each of us can employ everyday. Tell us a story about how you will #LeadLikeAGirl!

Stories can be shared by joining our Facebook Group dedicated to collecting these dynamic stories of female leadership. Share your story today at:  www.facebook.com/groups/#LeadLikeAGirl

The Alice Paul Institute educates the public about the life and work of Alice Stokes Paul (1885-1997), and offers heritage and leadership development programs at Paulsdale, her home and a National Historic Landmark. Alice Paul led the final fight to get women the vote and wrote the Equal Rights Amendment. We honor her legacy as a role model of leadership in the continuing quest for equality.