Why your gift matters

Guess how many granddaughters Alice Paul has?

The answer is thousands! How can that be? It’s because girls who learn about Alice Paul by attending one of the Alice Paul’s Institute’s signature leadership programs carry on her legacy of working to make positive change. They are her descendants, they embody her spirit and keep her legacy alive.  Let us introduce just two of these amazing girls.

Meet Alice Paul’s “great granddaughter” Mary Sojka, age 17

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  • “In the Girls Advisory Council, I find myself surrounded by girls with the same passion.  What the Alice Paul Institute does is help to nurture girls to become capable and empowered women.  We should have more Paulsdales so that girls can learn to take opportunities and show the world what they can do”

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Meet Alice Paul’s “great granddaughter” Megha Baradwaj, age 16




  • “In GAC we discuss how in many situations involving a girl, the girl’s side of the story is often pushed to the back and not heard. As leaders we should mirror how we believe girls should be treated, and that is equally.”


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    • Given inspiration, skills and mentoring, these girls are capable of accomplishing great things. Your donations make those great things possible.   You make an investment in our future by believing, as Alice Paul did, that one person can make a difference. As Alice Paul said, “I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.”

      Thank you for making your gift today to support these girls and the thousands that will come after them. You are building the mosaic and ensuring that girls today and tomorrow carry on the legacy of Alice Paul.

      Lucienne Beard                                  Melinda Champion
      Executive Director                            Chair, Board of Directors