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The Alice Paul Institute offers programs for teens that align with school curriculum and Girl Scout badge requirements, as well as a suite of leadership development programs for girls. All of our programs highlight Alice Paul and other female leaders and teach teens about the importance of advocating for equality.


Several programs below are noted as being restricted to girl/female-identifying participants. For all of our work, we utilize an expansive and inclusive understanding of the terms “women” and “girls” and welcome the participation of trans women and girls, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, and anyone who identifies with women and girls.


 For questions or to schedule a program, please contact us at: 856-231-1885 or programs@alicepaul.org


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Girls Leadership council

The Girls Leadership Council runs the length of the school year, with members attending monthly meetings at Paulsdale. At the meetings, girls learn about issues affecting women in the US and around the world, and how to be effective advocates and allies as they work towards awareness and positive social change. They practice public speaking and networking skills, work with professional female mentors, and attend exciting events that in the past have included the International Day of the Girl at the UN, the Alice Paul Equality Gala, and trips to Washington, D.C., to meet with elected officials and professional advocates and lobbyists. GLC membership is restricted to female-identifying high school students.

To learn more about the Girls Leadership Council click here.

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aPPLI: Alice Paul Professional Leadership institute

The Alice Paul Professional Leadership Institute (APPLI) is an interactive virtual summer camp that helps teen girls identify and develop the skills that lead to academic and professional success.

  • Join women who are leaders in their fields for discussions about careers in law, medicine, engineering, and more. 
  • Learn how to build a compelling resume, how to find and apply for internships, personal finance strategies to start as a teenager, and the ins-and-outs of professional communication. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to find and finance the right college education. 
  • Practice networking in personal mentorship sessions with professional women from the greater Philadelphia area.

APPLI teaches young women skills and strategies to hone their potential, so they can walk confidently into the future that they will be leading.

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Alice Paul: Through the Lens of Leadership

(6th-8th or 9th-12th grade options available)

This two-hour program offers deep engagement with Alice’s struggle to secure women’s suffrage, and the strategies and tactics that made her such a powerful leader. Students participate in meaningful discussions about leadership and social action, and then do a group activity that challenges them to apply those principles to real-world issues.

This program can work in conjunction with Girl Scout troop activities designed to earn the following badges:

  • Cadette: Public Speaker; Finding Common Ground
  • Senior: Behind the Ballot; Truth Seeker; Journey: Mission: Sisterhood
  • Ambassador: Public Policy; Journey: Your Voice: Your World

Fundamentals of Civic Engagement (options for all ages available)

This program teaches students about the way local, state, and federal governments operate, and how they function at different levels to keep society running and working for all American citizens. Students will also learn about how Alice Paul used her understanding of government and civics to help guarantee the vote for women in America.
Participants will learn about American democracy in a way that gives them building blocks to grow as responsible, engaged citizens. The workshop will combine history and civics in a fun and interactive program that will help young people understand how every citizen has a voice through their vote, and that every vote counts.

This program can work in conjunction with Girl Scout troop activities designed to earn the following badges:
• Democracy

Guided Tours

Our regularly-available tours of Paulsdale, the childhood home of Alice Paul, are also accessible to a teen audience. The tour examines what values Alice learned at Paulsdale and how she carried them with her through her life’s work of advocating for gender equality. It asks visitors to consider what values they learned and carry with them, and how those values could be used to help them advocate for positive change in their community. Visitors can then experience our exhibit, Alice Paul: In Pursuit of Ordinary Equality, and our self-guided tour of the 6 acres that make up our site. For more information, see the Visit page.    

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For more information about API’s programs for teens, contact Program Director Alyssa Hunt at ahunt@alicepaul.org or by phone at 856-231-1885.

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