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The Alice Paul Institute provides a robust variety of fun and engaging educational programs for girls and boys of all ages! Our programs highlight women’s history and teach students about the importance of Alice Paul’s work for gender equality. With programs designed for elementary, middle, and high-school students, the Alice Paul Institute offers learner-centric programming and workshops that align with many curriculum programs.

A special aspect of our programming is found in our dedication to promoting girls’ leadership development. Our girls-only programs are crafted to teach leadership skills to middle- and high-school girls through introducing them to inspiring female role models from both history and today.

Additionally, please visit our Curriculum for Educators page to view and download free activities and curriculum packages created for classroom teachers.

For questions or to schedule a program, please contact us at: (856) 231-1885 or info@alicepaul.org.

Elementary Programs

Alice Paul & The Leadership Parade

Grade Level:  K-3rd
Location:  Paulsdale
Length:  2 hours 
Accommodates 10-25 students for the standard program, up to 50 for an adjusted program

The Alice Paul and the Leadership Parade is a fun and interactive 2-hour workshop that combines art and history. This program introduces students to Alice Paul, a New Jersey suffragist and Quaker who helped women win the right to vote in America. Students will learn how Alice Paul used her leadership skills to organize important historic events, like a major parade in Washington D.C., and picketing in front of the White House – to bring attention to her cause. Students will hear the story of brave Alice and her “Silent Sentinels” and create their own voting banners to join in the costumed Leadership Parade that is the program highlight. 

In the Alice Paul Leadership Program, students will:

  • Learn Alice Paul’s importance to history as a suffragist and equal rights advocate
  • Recognize the positive character traits that make an effective leader
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of voting
  • Identify themselves as leaders who can create positive social change

Meeting Alice

Grade Level:  3rd – 5th
Location:  Paulsdale
Length:  2 hours 
Accommodates 10-25 students for the standard program, up to 50 for an adjusted program
Meeting Alice is a two-hour interactive field trip to Paulsdale, a National Historic Landmark and childhood home of voting rights and equal rights activist Alice Paul. This dynamic program highlights history, civics, and character education. Students will be introduced to Alice Paul’s work for suffrage, and the Quaker principles that guided her belief in the importance of civic engagement. Students become history detectives, gathering clues throughout the program that assist them in voting activities, a photo history timeline, and a scavenger hunt.

This program satisfies components of the Civics, Government, and Human Rights strand of the NJCCC. It will also support your school’s Character Education program.

Middle School Programs

Through the Lens of Leadership

Grade Level:  6th-8th 
Location:  Paulsdale
Length:  2 hours 
Accommodates 10-25 students for the standard program, up to 50 for an adjusted program
This program introduces students to suffragist and equal rights activist Alice Paul. They learn about her life, and the leadership skills she exemplified in her 70 year quest for true and lasting equality. This program includes an interactive presentation followed by discussion and activities, in which students:

  • Learn about Alice Paul’s significant contributions to U.S. history as a voting rights and equal rights activist
  • Explore concepts of leadership, communication, and integrity which Alice Paul used daily in her life and work
  • Understand and discuss issues of inequality that continue to exist
  • Engage in team activities to discover their own potential to be a positive agent of change in their communities and the world
Lead A Way Logo


Grade Level:  6th-8th 
Location:  Your School
Length:  6 two-hour sessions 

This in-school program takes place as a series of six sessions, each lasting two-hours. Participants learn how to stand out as leaders, gaining inspiration from the female role models highlighted through the program. Participants practice positive communication skills, collaborative teamwork, and refine integrity through activities and team projects. Lead-A-Way is designed to empower young women by teaching them to utilize and better understand the skills they already possess. The program guides participants to use their unique leadership traits to affect positive change in their community. The program includes a visit to historic Paulsdale to learn about Alice Paul’s life and leadership.

Guided Tours


The Paulsdale Tour

Grade Level:  6th – 8th 
Location:  Paulsdale
Length:  1 hour
Maximum Group Size:  25 for the standard program, 50 for an adjusted program
Cost:  $6/person
Students visit Paulsdale, a National Historic Landmark, and learn about the life and legacy of equal rights activist and suffragist Alice Stokes Paul. They explore the grounds of the farm where Alice grew up, and the house her family called home. The tour includes a fifteen minute video about Alice Paul, and a forty-five minute guided tour of the house and our permanent exhibit, Alice Paul:  In Pursuit of Ordinary Equality.

For questions or to schedule a program, please contact us at: (856) 231-1885 or info@alicepaul.org

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